[ROVERNET - UK] P^B Brake system 5 connection union required

phing phing at videotron.ca
Thu Apr 3 15:53:03 BST 2008

 I'm finally reassembling RVW's brakes . It's apparent that the Bodgers Bros[ Rovers b*****red up while you watch }   have been here 
first . The tapped threads for  the pipe connections for the 5 way union next to the remotes servo / slave cylinder - Confusingly 
called the " Pressure failure switch"  Rover part number 565550-are truly chewed up .
Does any one have a spare sitting on the shelf ? I think the actual pressure switch is OK , it's just the brass pipe fitting which 
is bodgered . I'm a bit squeamish about drillling and tapping brake parts oversize

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