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Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
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Hi Glen,

Yes, it does look professionally done.  It definitely looks like something that could have come from the factory, whether or not it actually did.  I will try to check the VIN number tonight.  I don't know where in the production run this car falls. 

It also has the standard steel wheels with hubcaps, whereas all these cars I've seen pictures of have the Rostyles (or the Rostyle look-alikes, I forget what they are called?).  Again, I'm sure the car has been that way since new.  

I'll post the VIN number after I check it.


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Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Glen, I have one of these cars awaiting my attention.  On my car, the blue underneath the TC badges is actually a separate piece of blue-painted metal.  I'm pretty certain it's been that way since new, though it's entirely possible that it was a dealer modification.  Are there other cars out there which have the blue trim painted directly onto the body panels?
> Geoff

I've only heard of the blue being a painted rectangle, Geoff.  Does your 
piece of metal look pretty professionally done? Is the VIN near the 
beginning or end of the model run? The production records in the back of 
Taylor's book don't seem to separate that special model from the other 


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