[ROVERNET - UK] Re: NADA 2000TC Blue Sail Panel Cars

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
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>Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
>>Hi Glen,
>>Yes, it does look professionally done.  It definitely looks like 
>>something that could have come from the factory, whether or not it 
>>actually did.
>Just painting a blue rectangle on the white car, as Rover did, 
>doesn't seem all that professional, does it? Maybe someone repainted 
>your bonnet at some point and "improved" upon the Rover approach. No 
>one else seems to be reporting one like yours.
>The brochure for the NADA 2000TC specifies that pressed steel wheels 
>and stainless wheel covers were standard equipment. The Magnum 500s 
>(rostyles) and Magstars were optional. So, your wheels are 
>consistent with Rover specs for that model.

I have seen two cars with the blue patches being separate metal. One 
was (in hindsight) probably a 1966 factory test car (TC equipment but 
it had Dunlop brakes), the other was a 67. Both cars, as I recall, 
were sold by a Calgary dealership

I've just bought a 67, a one owner car, that has the blue patches 
painted on, red interior and steel wheels.


>>I will try to check the VIN number tonight.  I don't know where in 
>>the production run this car falls.
>>It also has the standard steel wheels with hubcaps, whereas all 
>>these cars I've seen pictures of have the Rostyles (or the Rostyle 
>>look-alikes, I forget what they are called?).  Again, I'm sure the 
>>car has been that way since new. 
>>I'll post the VIN number after I check it.
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>>Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
>>>Glen, I have one of these cars awaiting my attention.  On my car, 
>>>the blue underneath the TC badges is actually a separate piece of 
>>>blue-painted metal.  I'm pretty certain it's been that way since 
>>>new, though it's entirely possible that it was a dealer 
>>>modification.  Are there other cars out there which have the blue 
>>>trim painted directly onto the body panels?
>>I've only heard of the blue being a painted rectangle, Geoff.  Does 
>>your piece of metal look pretty professionally done? Is the VIN 
>>near the beginning or end of the model run? The production records 
>>in the back of Taylor's book don't seem to separate that special 
>>model from the other TC's.
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