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Just as a point of interest....in 1971 the Rover 3500S sold for $ 6,100 and 
I think the us/canadian dollar was at near par.

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> phing wrote:
>> Glen
>> It's a pity Rover didn't invest in competent dealers who were equally , 
>> "interesting , stylish and better appointed" . The Toronto Rover shop in 
>> the 60s was manned by a bunch of effettee pseudo " English gents ' who 
>> looked down on the punters who fought their way through the pottted palms 
>> to see the ' motors ' .Their  general attitude was  " One invests in a 
>> Wover , one doesn't need to test drive a superior motor. A gentleman does 
>> not discuss price ; one's man looks after such sordid details "
>> Their incompetence, Rover's evil reputation for variable quality control 
>> and the ridiculous size of the P6 trunk were the reasons I bought two 
>> brick out house Volvos in the 60s
>> Cheers
>> Patrick
> Well, I don't think the P6 trunk was "ridiculously" small. If you want to 
> give up the styling or and the DeDion rear suspension, you can have a 
> bigger trunk. It's possible to design a good-looking car with a big trunk, 
> but there are trade-offs. The original P4 boot was vastly more sexy than 
> the later P4 rear end.
> Besides, Patrick, you man will load the fitted luggage for you anyway, so 
> why complain?
> ;-)
> Offering a model line for sale in the United States in 1960's without a 
> station wagon (estate) probably indicated that Rover was just trying to 
> sell a few cars as a boutique marque rather than making a serious attempt 
> to sell a lot of cars in the USA.  Rover automobiles actually sold pretty 
> well in the USA given the small amount of effort Rover invested in the 
> undertaking.
> And, of course, you could buy a lot of car in the USA for the $4300 Rover 
> wanted for the sporty new 3500S by 1969. The Pontiac GTO hardtop sold for 
> a base price of $3,080 in 1969.  The convertible model sold at a base 
> price of $3,553. For a lot of Americans, that was not quite even a 
> no-brainer. The Buick Electra 225 was about equal in price to the 3500S at 
> $4,400, if you wanted luxury and trunk space!
> Glen
> Glen
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