[ROVERNET - UK] price

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 00:06:21 BST 2008

Brooks wrote:
> I may be able toanswer that as well...The $6,100.00 included 
> everything ...that was the final on the road price....I have the 
> original bill of sale in my files here somewhere....I suspect that you 
> found a price for the car without tax or dealer prep...etc. also I 
> know the radio was added by the dealer as well.

Well, if a car in the USA started at $5,400, you might have gotten hit 
for $400 for the AC and Sundym glass, $100 for the radio, and maybe $125 
for the heated rear window. That would have put it over $6,000 in the 
USA without taxes, delivery and miscellaneous expenses. That's an awful 
lot of money for a car in those days. It's no wonder they didn't sell 
more than 2034 of them over here.


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