[ROVERNET - UK] Re: P6 Design & Rear Suspension Function

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 21:21:13 BST 2008

> The point here is that River designed a techically advanced car that sold well enough and had a profit margine that allowed them to stay in business. Austin couldn't do that with the Mini, the ADO16 1100 and 1300.
I think the Mini and the ADO16 were at least moderately successful. I 
have heard they weren't all that profitable, but economy cars seldom are.
> As for US roads being smooth, try living in Brooklyn! I lived there for ten years and had to rebuild the front end of our Golf twice because of the appaling state of the roads.
Did you experience a lot of body roll driving around Brooklyn, Steven? 
Sounds like a Top Gear stunt.


Good for you that you wised up and moved to Jersey!


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