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In that situation it only has as much effect as an IRS.
The DeDion tube pivots allowing the RH wheel to move up.

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> Netspace wrote:
>>> I never saw the point of the De Dion axle , all the complications of IRS 
>>> and none of the advantages . It was effectively most of  a well located 
>>> solid axle  , with  disc brakes hidden inboard and  the added confusion 
>>> a sliding joint. The Volvo had a well located solid axle , no sliding 
>>> joint ,  accesible outboard disc brakes and an intelligent hand brake . 
>>> You could argue abstruse benefits of reduced %unsprung weight , but this 
>>> was not apparent in real life .
>> Disagree entirely.
>> It has the advantages of IRS (lowish unsprung, inependent movement of 
>> wheels on bumps without steer) and the advantage of fixed, being no 
>> camber change under both bump.  There is some under roll, but not as much 
>> as IRS.
>> I rate the backend performance very highly.
>> I wish they had been more sensible with the calipers...
>> PVS
> When the right wheel bounces upward six inches going over a bump, does it 
> have no effect on the left wheel at all? It's really a SEMI-independent 
> arrangement, right?
> The P6 suspension is cool and seems to work well, but the simpler SD1 
> suspension seems to work well, too. In a practical sense (as in what you 
> feel when you drive the car, ride, control over uneven surfaces), how is 
> the P6 superior to the SD1? Is it enough to be worth the complexity and 
> expense? The SD1 seems to get pretty high marks for its rear suspension in 
> terms of how it actually performs on the road, and I know from experience 
> that the back end of an SD1 feels pretty securely planted.
> GLen
> Glen
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