[ROVERNET - UK] People who buy Rovers

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 16:08:58 BST 2008

Netspace wrote:
>> I never saw the point of the De Dion axle , all the complications of 
>> IRS and none of the advantages . It was effectively most of  a well 
>> located solid axle  , with  disc brakes hidden inboard and  the added 
>> confusion a sliding joint. The Volvo had a well located solid axle , 
>> no sliding joint ,  accesible outboard disc brakes and an intelligent 
>> hand brake . You could argue abstruse benefits of reduced %unsprung 
>> weight , but this was not apparent in real life .
> Disagree entirely.
> It has the advantages of IRS (lowish unsprung, inependent movement of 
> wheels on bumps without steer) and the advantage of fixed, being no 
> camber change under both bump.  There is some under roll, but not as 
> much as IRS.
> I rate the backend performance very highly.
> I wish they had been more sensible with the calipers...

When the right wheel bounces upward six inches going over a bump, does 
it have no effect on the left wheel at all? It's really a 
SEMI-independent arrangement, right?

The P6 suspension is cool and seems to work well, but the simpler SD1 
suspension seems to work well, too. In a practical sense (as in what you 
feel when you drive the car, ride, control over uneven surfaces), how is 
the P6 superior to the SD1? Is it enough to be worth the complexity and 
expense? The SD1 seems to get pretty high marks for its rear suspension 
in terms of how it actually performs on the road, and I know from 
experience that the back end of an SD1 feels pretty securely planted.



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