[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Design & Rear Suspension Function

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Read Unsafe At Any Speed sometime...

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> The P4 and P5 were fine automobiles that were fairly conventional in 
> design while still being ahead of the competition in some engineering 
> areas. What was it that led Rover to jump off the deep end when it came 
> to designing the P6 and approving it for production? It seems like they 
> were trying to make some sort of statement about their engineering 
> prowess and ingenuity rather than just make an excellent car that would 
> sell. Were they trying to move upmarket with this display of engineering 
> creativeness? The P6 wasn't really an upmarket car. Was the P6 just a 
> stepping stone to the P8 which would move them upmarket? The P8 would 
> have dumped the oddball front suspension for wishbones but retained a 
> modified version of the DeDion rear end incorporating hydraulic leveling.
> Maybe it was overreaching to attempt to battle Mercedes and other 
> companies with deep pockets and an established market share world wide.
> It also sounds like Spen King (engineering) and David Bache (styling) 
> were not always on the same page about the intended market for the cars. 
> Wonder who was really running the show?
> Glen

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