[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Design & Rear Suspension Function

Netspace vmitps at netspace.net.au
Tue Apr 8 09:10:48 BST 2008

> Wow , I managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons. One last thought 
> ,William Lyons created a well designed ,cheap IRS system for his Jaguars 
> ,with no worries about either road holding or sliding joints locking up. . 
> .An E type had much more power to transmit than a P6 four cylinder or the 
> P6B . In fairness to Rover E type back brakes were just as difficult to 
> service .  Jags tended not to corner on their door handles , unlike hard 
> driven P6s
> 40 years on the E type is a bottomless money pit in waiting , which is why 
> I sold mine and bought a P6. However the P6 serves as  a mechanical  toy 
> for my engineering dotage , it is  not intended as a serious method of 
> daily transport.
> One final thought ;the 1948 P3 is about the same overall size and weight 
> as the P6. The P3 has much more passenger space and nearly as much luggage 
> space . The P6 is vastly more complex .
> Progress ??
> Cheers
> Patrick

I use mine as the only car.  It is fine.


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