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Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
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Wow, that's way more than I would have ever imagined towing behind the '71 
Series II TC.  I have a 1400# Featherlite aluminum car hauler with tandem 
axle electric brakes which I could load up with at least a half ton, then. 
I've towed TCs on it behind the Volvo wagon, never would have thought of 
towing even that empty trailer behind the TC.  With my surge brake tow dolly 
I guess I could tow another TC but I think the tail would wag the dog - with 
all due respect to TC handling.

I guess the tent trailer would be a pretty good tow, anyway, or a small 
utility trailer to go for a load of Rover parts.

Maybe I'll put that draw bar on the TC this summer and see how it goes.


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>A 1968 service newsletter sets maximum trailer weights as 1,250 kg for the 
>2000. The P5 3.5 litre maximum is 1,500 kg. The P6 3500 is not listed, but 
>I am surprised that the handbook limit is the same as the 2000 and does not 
>match the 3.5 litre.
> There is also a list of the gradients possible, surprisingly the 2000 
> automatic has the best performance there, capable of a 1 in 7 grade below 
> 1000 feet, vs 1 in 8 for the TC and 1 in 10 for the SC at the maximum 
> weight.
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