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Tue Apr 8 21:14:03 BST 2008

My dual axle Big Tex trailer with an MG on it weighs 3,950#. I have towed that first with the Ranger Rover and with the Honda. No problems with either. Electric brakes on all four wheels. It originally had electric brakes on only two wheels, but WA state requires all wheels. I also towed the trailer with a Porsche 912 from Calif. and several cars on local runs including the P-5. The P-5 was a load, but only had a short distance to go.

I towed a tent trailer with several vehicles including a 1977 Datsun 200SX. even that was fine, except dummy me, towed it in 5th gear at times. Had to replace the bearings in 5th and 3rd after that run. 

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