[ROVERNET - UK] What type of carb for the V8?

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I'd recommend the Edelbrock/Weber 1404 which is 500cfm manual choke,
preferably with the Edelbrock Performer manifold.  Much easier to set up
than a Holley and more street user friendly. Provides heaps of torque
and good mid range power, misses out to the Holley slightly on top end.
More instant throttle response than SUs and can be surprisingly
economical (if you don't floor it too often to activate the

For a 3.5 it'll need re-jetting as the out of the box settings are a bit
rich, but this is relatively easy to do and Edelbrock can supply a
jetting kit with a range of variables. The user manual is very
informative and simple to follow.

I've had one of these carbs on my 4.6 for five years now and once set up
I haven't needed to touch it. Much less complex than EFI and not near as
fussy as twin SUs.

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Hi All,
Hope evryone is doing well. I have a question for yall, what type of 4
barrel carb would you use on the V8 intake manifold?

Right now, I am using a Rochester 4 Jet carb that is from a 63 Buick
Special. However, with that said, this carb is now good after rebuilding
it. And I have decided to get a good, new carb for the car.

This carb is going on to my SD1 V8 that was converted back to carb
instead of the factory fuel injection. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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