[ROVERNET - UK] "Rover" brand ownership

Peter Huttemeier peterhut at melbpc.org.au
Sat Apr 12 05:20:06 BST 2008

Re the recent discussion about ownership of the Rover brand and the
sale of Land Rover to Tata, I have been in discussion with the Public
Affairs Manager at Land Rover Australia. I asked him a number of
questions about Tata and Land Rover including cld he confirm purchase
of Rover brand with Land Rover. He replied as follows:

1) Jaguar Land Rover Australia will be sold to Tata as part of Jaguar
Land Rover. (we expect only minor changes to the way we currently
conduct business)

2) Ownership of the Rover name (along with Leyland) will be passed
onto Tata."

So there you have it, whether or not a Tata Rover will eventuate of
course is another thing, but Tata now owns the brand Rover.


Peter Huttemeier
Rover Car Club of Australia Inc

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