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The old way of carb mixture and balancing (before Unisyn's) was to raise the carb piston slightly using the pin or a small screwdriver. what you wanted was a slight increase in RPM followed by a drop in RPM. If it immediately dropped, the mixture was too lean. If it increased and kept increasing as the piston is raised, too rich. After setting the mixtures, put one end of a small diameter hose in your ear with the other ablut 1/2' into the throat of one carb and listen to the air flow. Compare it to the other and adjust them until the air flow sounds equal. Reconnect the linkage and you are good to go. It really works and did for many years. If you read the manual it will tell you to tune the mixture for the best speed (In American English, that is the highest RPM). that is a good place to start, but you ddo want that slight increase followed by the drop off.

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From: Adrian McDonald <adrianmcdon at hotmail.com>
> Hello
> On the advice of a Rovernetter, I just adjusted my 2000TC timing from 4deg ATDC 
> to 6deg BTDC. What a difference (or was I imagining it)?  There is a lot more 
> go, and things a bit smoother all round. And that is even with a bit of an iffy 
> carburettor balancing / mixture setting job (no skills).
> I put Conoco 76, 100octane rocket fuel in it - mixed 50:50 with mere 91 octane 
> on the US scale
> Thanks!
> Adrian
> Redondo Beach
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