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On the TC I just look at the dashpots (without the air filter...).
You can compare them quite easily, I think it is more accurate than 


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> Adrian,
> The old way of carb mixture and balancing (before Unisyn's) was to raise 
> the carb piston slightly using the pin or a small screwdriver. what you 
> wanted was a slight increase in RPM followed by a drop in RPM. If it 
> immediately dropped, the mixture was too lean. If it increased and kept 
> increasing as the piston is raised, too rich. After setting the mixtures, 
> put one end of a small diameter hose in your ear with the other ablut 1/2' 
> into the throat of one carb and listen to the air flow. Compare it to the 
> other and adjust them until the air flow sounds equal. Reconnect the 
> linkage and you are good to go. It really works and did for many years. If 
> you read the manual it will tell you to tune the mixture for the best 
> speed (In American English, that is the highest RPM). that is a good place 
> to start, but you ddo want that slight increase followed by the drop off.

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