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This is not correct as a Rover color; but one of the best looking ivory 
colors is old Ford Wimbledon White. it is the same as Old English White #2, 
used on 60's Jaguars. the advantage of this color is it is available in 
Dupont  Imron, as well as others, so you can paint under bonnet, trunk, door 
jambs in Imron, the outside in the type you choose. Imron wears like iron 
has  good gloss but no depth. I painted my MKII Jag in that color. I have 
not bought any for 10 years, but assume it is readily available, and is 
cheaper than other colors. it used to even be available in pre-mixed factory 
cans. This color actually looks better than refrigerator whites; but may not 
be show correct.James Dean
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> All the recent posts about the blue and white TCs have me wondering if 
> anyone knows the paint codes for the two colors, and of a decet supplier 
> of appropriate paint in the U.S.   Please let me know.  Thanks, Gordon.
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