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Congrats to you Kent. Well done!!!!

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Hi Netters,
I have received a new appointment...Chapel Hill United Methodist Church 
in San Antonio...an easy 15 min. drive from the new house.  The church 
is in an economically challenged neighborhood adjacent to Lackland Air 
Force Base and Air Force One retirement community...lots of active and 
retired Air Force types and incredible ethnic diversity.  The church 
celebrates fourteen distinct racial and ethnic heritage groups among its 
membership making it the most diverse congregation of our denomination 
in the city (we have seventy churches in San Antonio).  It is a 
promotion from my present assignment.  It will be very good to get back 
to San Antonio after five years of "detached duty."

We will be bouncing back and forth for a while.  The movers come on May 
19.  Annual Conference is in Corpus Christi June 4-7 with my last Sunday 
in Sterling City on June 8 and official moving day on June 12.  The 
email address should be good for quite a while but Sheila's cell phone 
number is my old San Antonio number 210-912-9272 and that will remain 
the same in case you need to get in touch with me and all else fails.

Kent K.

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