[ROVERNET - UK] There Can be another one.

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Mon Feb 4 23:31:27 GMT 2008

Hi Netters,
There is another United Methodist minister Rover Nut!  Jim Pile has been 
driving P6's most of his life and bought his current '68 TC in 1992.  He 
is now retired and lives in Virginia.  I have a question about his car.  
It is LHD, but was picked up at the factory and driven some in the UK 
before crossing the pond.  He is checking the VIN, but given that it has 
twin servos, I believe it is a NAS version rather than a NADA.  The car, 
however, has the "blue label" paint scheme.  I thought they quit doing 
that with the end of NADA production.
Somebody enlighten me, please.

Kent K.

P.S.  Yes, Rudiger.  I will send details as soon as I get them.

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