[ROVERNET - UK] New West Coast US Rover Spotted

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Thu Feb 14 08:40:37 GMT 2008


I am surprised that Eric, who (for Pete's sake) lives in Vancouver, 
missed this one. The drive train in your car was obviously calibrated 
several years ago when the Canadian loonie was only worth sixty-five 
good old American cents. By bringing your vehicle south of the border, 
you have, in effect, caused a small rip in the space-time continuum to 
extend just a few more deadly inches (or centimeters in the case of your 
car). It's too bad you didn't check with us before taking this rash 
action because it really is hell getting all of that toothpaste back 
onto the Canadian toothpaste tube. You may think I'm having you on here, 
but you can easily verify that everything I've written is true. Get a 
steel tape measurer and carefully measure across the roof of the vehicle 
between the drip edges. Write that down and get inside the car. Make 
sure the windows are rolled all of the way up and measure (across the 
car) from window to window. If I am correct, the inside measurement will 
be about twelve inches longer than the outside measurement. Didn't the 
car seem surprisingly roomy inside when you got it home? Very 
comfortable, right? If I were you, I'd forget about the gauges and 
simply marvel at the fact that you own a car that is bigger on the 
inside than it is on the outside.

If you want to trade your Mustang for a V8 Rover, I'd suggest contacting 
this man:   http://www.rstca.com/members/DavidSheuring3500S/index.html   
He has lost the bumpers for this car but it's not as "crummy" as you 
might think. In fact, it has custom side exhausts that sound amazingly good.

Adrian, if you leave your car alone, the symptoms you describe may 
gradually subside and eventually disappear entirely. Or, if time hangs 
heavy on your hands, we'll have your car in pieces in the garage faster 
than you can say...well, whatever Beach Brits living in Redondo Beach 
say, Dude!

Hope this is helpful. 




McDonald wrote:
> Hello there
> I am making contact, as a new West Coast US Rover owner/operator. My garage currently features a 1966 Mustang 289 V8, and as of December 2007, a Rover 2000TC. 
> Back in the '90's my garage used to feature a 1974 Rover 2200TC, but that was in Southampton England. I come to the US 4 years ago and recently I began getting a bit bored with my Ford and I thought it would be really nice to have a Rover again. As I read in an old article, a Rover engineer jokingly referred to Detroit cars as "wobbly jellies" (no offence). Not actually thinking it was even a remote possibility, I did some exploratory internet googling which made it clear that some examples were present on the continent. So that was it!  And I found a fantastic example in Vancouver, BC which would be a top example even over in the rusty UK.
> After the mandatory starter motor "difficulty" last week, I only have one real issue that I could do with advice on. The car only does about 75% of the specified mph per rpm in each gear. I am assuming it has a non standard final drive. I am looking to swap it out, but am curious if this might have been a wierd option (for hilly terrain perhaps). It is a bit confusing as at 3000rpm I am only doing forty something mph, and not the 58.5mph that is specified. Who would want that?????
> Anyone want to purchase a 1966 289 Mustang wobbly jelly in perfect condition. Will trade for V8 Rover - I am thinking of starting a collection......
> Adrian McDonald
> Redondo Beach, CA
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