[ROVERNET - UK] rover p4 rocker assembly questions

Linus Tremaine travellak1 at netzero.net
Fri Feb 15 01:31:57 GMT 2008


I have a land rover with the rover p4 110 engine with weslake head.

My rocker assembly is at a machine shop right now being rebuilt. The problem is this:

The old rocker bushings have a small hole in the bottom and a much smaller hole at the top. The new ones do not.

The rocker arms themselves have a smale hole in the top as well. On some of the rocker arms, the hole has been peened shut as if with a small hammer. The machinist thinks this may have been in order to slow the wear on the bushings and rocker shaft. Imagine that the oil is traveling up through the shaft into the bushing and out the top. If one was to close the path exiting the top, the oil would be forced out the sides of the bushing thus providing more oiling...? Just a theory.

Anyway, do the holes in the bushing need to be there?

Whats going on?
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