[ROVERNET - UK] quiet, but still some rover activity in winter

peter king peter at king-co.com
Wed Feb 20 04:44:26 GMT 2008


Well, 'tis quiet with Rovers for the most part in New England during  
the Winter, but I just got my 3500s tranny swapped, and on one happy  
60 degree day this weekend took it for a drive. Smooth shifting and  
more importantly--REVERSE!
But I need to fiddle with the kick-down cable, doesn't shift down  
when punched while underway. Ok on startup, so it's shifting down  
automatically ok, goes through the gears nicely. Some transmission  
fluid leaking under the car yesterday, I'm afraid the guy I had help  
me with the replacement overfilled the tranny. I really don't like  
leaving anything to anyone else on these cars. Had to untangle the  
accelerator linkage from the kick-down cable because it was replaced  

No fluid there today after driving around the block a few times and  
parking. Hopefully no blown seals. Come to us soon, Spring!

That's it for a while, back to cold temps here and looks like snow  
again soon.


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