[ROVERNET - UK] RE: Irregular Final Drive Still???

Adrian McDonald adrianmcdon at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 05:59:07 GMT 2008

I will keep my Tardis vehicle secret, for fear of wheeled plunger pointing aliens turning up and attempting to exterminate me with their plunger devices.......(UK TV reference).......

On the original topic, I did not mention that I "calibrated" the tachometer with a digital multimeter so I know I am actually doing 3000rpm (which equates to 40 something mph on the speedoinstead of 58.5mph that it should be).  How do I calibrate the speedo?  Well, it "feels" just right, plus I am doing 45mph on a 45mph street and keeping up with traffic nicely. If the speedo was wrong and the rpm right, I would be close to 60mph and definitely burning the other traffic up!

So I am pretty sure I have a messed up drive system. In 4th gear at a 1:1 ratio, is it true that the only thing that can be causing my slowness is an irregular final drive???

Still confused of Redondo beach...

In fact I was so confused I bought a 3500S too. The one on ebay last week....now I have the collection.....


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> From: David Sheuring 
> Subject: Re: [ROVERNET - UK] New West Coast US Rover Spotted
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> OK...I must respond to this, as I have now been
> brought into the ring....I dare say without being
> asked.
> Now I do like Mustangs and they can go very fast, but
> I must say that I much rather keep my V8 anyday and
> twice on Sunday. And since we are discussing the V8, I
> have installed electronic ignition, have rebuilt the
> bottom end and includded a heavy duty oil pumper. I
> have also port and polished the heads and am
> installing a carter 4 barrel on the car. Now if I only
> had a stronger transmission for the car.
> Cheers
> David
> --- Glen Wilson  wrote:
>> Adrian,
>> I am surprised that Eric, who (for Pete's sake)
>> lives in Vancouver,
>> missed this one. The drive train in your car was
>> obviously calibrated
>> several years ago when the Canadian loonie was only
>> worth sixty-five
>> good old American cents. By bringing your vehicle
>> south of the border,
>> you have, in effect, caused a small rip in the
>> space-time continuum to
>> extend just a few more deadly inches (or centimeters
>> in the case of your
>> car). It's too bad you didn't check with us before
>> taking this rash
>> action because it really is hell getting all of that
>> toothpaste back
>> onto the Canadian toothpaste tube. You may think I'm
>> having you on here,
>> but you can easily verify that everything I've
>> written is true. Get a
>> steel tape measurer and carefully measure across the
>> roof of the vehicle
>> between the drip edges. Write that down and get
>> inside the car. Make
>> sure the windows are rolled all of the way up and
>> measure (across the
>> car) from window to window. If I am correct, the
>> inside measurement will
>> be about twelve inches longer than the outside
>> measurement. Didn't the
>> car seem surprisingly roomy inside when you got it
>> home? Very
>> comfortable, right? If I were you, I'd forget about
>> the gauges and
>> simply marvel at the fact that you own a car that is
>> bigger on the
>> inside than it is on the outside.
>> If you want to trade your Mustang for a V8 Rover,
>> I'd suggest contacting
>> this man:
> http://www.rstca.com/members/DavidSheuring3500S/index.html
>> He has lost the bumpers for this car but it's not as
>> "crummy" as you
>> might think. In fact, it has custom side exhausts
>> that sound amazingly good.
>> Adrian, if you leave your car alone, the symptoms
>> you describe may
>> gradually subside and eventually disappear entirely.
>> Or, if time hangs
>> heavy on your hands, we'll have your car in pieces
>> in the garage faster
>> than you can say...well, whatever Beach Brits living
>> in Redondo Beach
>> say, Dude!
>> Hope this is helpful.
>> Glen
>> ;-)
> http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/economy/loonie.html
>> McDonald wrote:
>>> Hello there
>>> I am making contact, as a new West Coast US Rover
>> owner/operator. My garage currently features a 1966
>> Mustang 289 V8, and as of December 2007, a Rover
>> 2000TC.
>>> Back in the '90's my garage used to feature a 1974
>> Rover 2200TC, but that was in Southampton England. I
>> come to the US 4 years ago and recently I began
>> getting a bit bored with my Ford and I thought it
>> would be really nice to have a Rover again. As I
>> read in an old article, a Rover engineer jokingly
>> referred to Detroit cars as "wobbly jellies" (no
>> offence). Not actually thinking it was even a remote
>> possibility, I did some exploratory internet
>> googling which made it clear that some examples were
>> present on the continent. So that was it! And I
>> found a fantastic example in Vancouver, BC which
>> would be a top example even over in the rusty UK.
>>> After the mandatory starter motor "difficulty"
>> last week, I only have one real issue that I could
>> do with advice on. The car only does about 75% of
>> the specified mph per rpm in each gear. I am
>> assuming it has a non standard final drive. I am
>> looking to swap it out, but am curious if this might
>> have been a wierd option (for hilly terrain
>> perhaps). It is a bit confusing as at 3000rpm I am
>> only doing forty something mph, and not the 58.5mph
>> that is specified. Who would want that?????
>>> Anyone want to purchase a 1966 289 Mustang wobbly
>> jelly in perfect condition. Will trade for V8 Rover
>> - I am thinking of starting a collection......
>>> Adrian McDonald
>>> Redondo Beach, CA


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