[ROVERNET - UK] True Restoration costs

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Sat Feb 23 06:39:58 GMT 2008

This is an oldie, but still worthwhile.  From memory it first appeared in
the Vintage Austin Magazine in 1996 - so the prices need some adjustment:
Purchase weekend newspaper to read For Sale advertisements 	1.20
The actual purchase of a ton of rust on four wheels 	1,500.00
Flowers for wife to break the news 	25.00
Dinner at restaurant after argument with wife 	70.00
Restoration costs -engine reconditioning and chassis rebuild 	8,000.00
Parts and endless trips to Swap meets 	1,250.00
New lounge suite to balance ledger and keep wife happy 	2,800.00
Restoration costs -new upholstery and hood 	5,900.00
Flowers for wife to save buying a new kitchen suite 	25.00
Dinner at restaurant after argument with wife 	75.00
Family trip to Movieland to compensate for the 1000 hours spent in the
garage 	2,000.00
Restoration costs -panel beating and spray painting 	4,500.00
New outfit for wife to save another argument 	225.00
Dinner at restaurant after argument with wife 	70.00
Registration, other on road-costs and stamp duty 	1,000.00
Dinner at restaurant to celebrate finished project 	70.00
Visit to hairdresser after wife's first ride in open tourer 	30.00
BBQ to invite neighbours in to see the finished project 	50.00
Repairs to paint work after neighbour's son drew a crayon picture
Settled out of court for clobbering neighbour's son 	450.00
New slacks and cardigan for wife to go rallying in 	290.00
New shoes to go with slacks and cardigan 	75.00
New handbag to go with shoes, slacks and cardigan 	45.00
Dinner at restaurant with wife after asking her to economise 	70.00
New clutch after teaching wife to drive vintage car 	250.00
Dinner at restaurant after shouting at wife to release clutch slowly
Repairs to mudguard after wife's second driving lesson 	1,250.00
Dinner at restaurant after shouting at wife to look where she's going
Speeding fine after wife drag raced young lad at the lights 	250.00
Candlelight dinner at home, can no longer afford restaurant 	20.00
Advertisement in weekend paper "Vintage Car For Sale 	14.00
Total	31,945.20
Proceeds of vintage car, due to market downturn	12,500.00
Balance - outstanding loan added to mortgage 	19,445.20

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