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S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Sat Feb 23 03:05:25 GMT 2008

Ben and Vern,

These are reasonable considerations, though I would add that a special 
Rovernut version of economics can be applied to the steps between the 
$500 and the $5000.  If you apply real-world economics -- that is, what 
you would have to pay someone to do all steps of the restoration -- then 
nearly any potential Rover project would get scrapped, and many other 
makes of car too.  Instead, Rovernomics says that all the steps that you 
or a buddy can do get charged at $0.00 per hour, because you enjoy doing 
the work and the challenge of preserving a Rover. 

I value a project car that needs mainly mechanical and electrical work 
more than one that needs rust repair, a complete re-paint, or all new 
upholstry, etc.  Others who prefer doing welding or paint work or happen 
to have a great spare interior for the car being considered, might value 
it differently.


Ben Rodgers wrote:
> Hi Vern
>           When thinking of buying another Rover I always ask myself 
> what I'd be likely to get if I was selling it?? Sadly and as you well 
> know Rovers do not fetch big dollars. Although I haven't seen the car 
> in question I'd say no more than $500 for the pair. You will have alot 
> of work ahead and probably many unexpected costs, and no matter how 
> nice it is after you complete the restoration you will still at best 
> have a $5000 car. Just my thoughts!!
>                                    Regards Ben (Irishrover)
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