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Warwick Brooks warwick at regscom.com.au
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Thanks Peter,

I was a bit worried there for a minute as I was planning to buy it and drop
in a big block Chev with blower and Turbohydramatic 400 and top-loader
shift.  Haven't decided about the wheels yet but fatties on the back and
motorbike wheels on the front is probably the way to go.
As for paint; I think a pearlescent Candy Apple Red with orange flames would
set it off nicely.  Of course the timber trim would need to go.  Brushed
aluminium or stainless with engine-turning would be nice.


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>Oooh, that's a nice car.  What's the story on the "hot rod must be
pre-1948" comment?  Is that some kind of official decree by the Aussie
government, is it that person's opinion, or none of the above?  I've never
heard an age limit attached to the term "hot rod" before.

It is a Federal Government Vehicle Standard Rule covering registration
of "Street Rods"

"A Street Rod shall mean a vehicle that has a body and frame that were
built before 1949, that has been modified for safe road use, or a
replica of a vehicle the body and frame of which were built before

Anything later comes under a different regulation covering what is
called Individually Constructed Vehicles.


Peter H

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