[ROVERNET - UK] P6 Rear brakes- a slightly crazy idea.

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            Many UK cars fitted with Dunlops as standard (Jag, Alvis, etc)  have off the shelf mods with 4 pot calipers available. I should think these could be adapted but how difficult it would be ....who knows. They are usually front conversions but I know Jags have them available for rears. At getting on for £1500 for a full conversion it's an expensive answer.

Perhaps the answer is to retro- fit Dunlops on the rear (screams of horror in the background) which are far easier to work on due to their location at 9 o'clock on the diff rather than 12 o'clock with Grirlings. The handbrake ratchet mechanism is still at 12 o'clock though in theory this should need far less attention than the foot brake.

Or dare I say................... drop the *&%"**^! diff, you know it makes sense. !!!!!    :)  :)

Alan Francis (partviking)

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I was wondering if anyone has considered modifying P6
rear brakes for ease of service and less expensive

The later swinging calipers seem impossible to modify,
but I think it should be possible to install an early
Dunlop style differential and fabricate a mounting
bracket for alternative calipers and pads. One could
install a modern rear caliper (the kind which have the
parking brake racheting mechanism built into the main
caliper piston.) It sure would be nice to be able to
drop on freshly rebuilt calipers and pads from the
corner autoparts store at $70 a pop.... 

Has anyone considered or actually accomplished
something like this? Of course, there are probably
some liability considerations involved with modifying
the brake system of a street car.... 


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