[ROVERNET - UK] Land Rover for sale in northern Alberta

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 19:03:40 GMT 2008

Hi, all;
I just received an email from someone who would like
to sell a salvaged Land Rover.  The pictures he sent
are quite large and caused a problem when I tried to
send the message to the address I use for the

He mentions that the vehicle is presently in Whitelaw,
Alberta.  My Mapquest search located the town just
west of Peace River in northern Alberta.

If you are interested, please drop him a note and ask
for his pictures.


This Rover was salvaged from Discovery Mine, Northwest
Territories in 1975.  It was brought out in the box of
a Dodge 4 x 4 pickup long box on an ice road.  
The Serial number for this Rover is L8663361.  
This Rover is an all original, never worked on,
restoration.  Last ran in 1965 and then parked. The
tires are still holding air after all these years.    
I am hoping that you might put the word out about this
rover and that it is available.

I am selling this Rover by Auction on May 31, 2008 at
Whitelaw, Alberta.  The auction is being conducted by
Weaver Bros Auctions Ltd. of Tomslake, BC.  Jack
Patterson at Weavers is their contact at 250-786-5191
or email at artjack at telus.net  This sale will be
conducted by internet auction @ www.weaverauctions.com


Thank you


Kathleen Glenday

John Glenday (hiblusky_31cows at hotmail.com) 


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