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Also, try ramming a long, thin, screwdriver into each
jacking tube and see if it penetrates rusty metal.

The rear of the jacking tube had a pressed metal
collar welded onto the inside of the box section and
that was the inner mounting of the tube.  If the
conditons are right (actually... wrong) water gets to
that area, disintegrates that rear collar and the
inner box section in that area.  A person could lift a
rear seat, pull out the brown under felt and look down
into the "rectangular" "hole" next to that box
section.  If you see no evidence of rust, you might be
lucky at that end.

When that collar and the adjacent metal at the end of
the jacking tube rusts away, the tube rotates as a
person uses the OEM jack to lift the car. A wild
result is that the top of the outer sill is bent and
even the bottom of the door will take a hit.

Best wishes,


--- Vern Klukas <vern at inkspotco.com> wrote:

> You can check out the jacking points by just jacking
> the car. If they 
> are weak, you will see the end of the jacking point
> tube move in 
> relationship to the hole in the outer sill for the
> rubber plug. If 
> that hole has signs of damage at the top, you don't
> even have to 
> jack, the points are suspect.
> Yours
> Vern
> >Thanks
> >I'm not worried about the stability , I need to
> investigate the 
> >state of the jacking points first . The cover sills
> will come off in 
> >the spring . It's -15 Centigrade here today .
> >Cheers
> >patrick
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