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David:  where are you in NC?!  I'm in Columbia, SC.



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Good Morning to all out there in Rover land......
 I must tell you that in North Carolina it got really
cold here for us, try 16 degrees F .  Now, I realize
that those of you that live in the Northeast  of US
and Canada, thats not a big deal but for us, well
weird things happen round here. But tto my original 
comment, I went out and turned on the switch of my 70
2000 TC and on the second hit, the car started right
up. Just like a new car I am here to tell you, and
thats why my car was built on Wed, and  after 10
minutes I had heat coming out at 16 degrees outside.
can you beat that. 
I have to thank George Phelps for this car that Glen
refers to as"that old piece of junk" he wanted me to
"give" to him.
I am driving the Corsica blue, all original TC to
school and work and back home...now get
this....everyday. I love my Rover!
David nSheuring

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