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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 00:26:54 GMT 2008

I was *sure* that your comments would rattle his chain
and elicit a comment or a flame from the back of his
cave.   ROFLMHO


--- Glen Wilson <rovercar at comcast.net> wrote:

> David Sheuring wrote:
> > I have to thank George Phelps for this car that
> Glen
> > refers to as"that old piece of junk" he wanted me
> to
> > "give" to him.
> I'm not sure I ever referred to it as "that old
> piece of junk." I seem 
> to recall using the phrase "that crummy old blue
> thing." It's possible 
> that I said "that crummy old blue piece of junk" but
> I don't think I 
> actually said that. Either way, it was purely a
> shrewd negotiating move 
> on my part...
> "Old Blue" is a rather nice old thing. Won't win the
> Concours 
> D'elegance, but a nice solid car that no one had
> messed with much. I was 
> surprised when I actually saw it in North Carolina
> because it was one of 
> about three TC's that George had bought for not very
> much money at all. 
>  From what I had heard via email from George, I had
> pictured your 
> typical wasted 2000TC, not a running example that
> even looked pretty 
> nice. I think I must have processed George's
> straight talk about the car 
> through my "guy selling a car" filter. Of course,
> George was buying all 
> of the derelict P6s on the east coast at that time,
> and appeared to be 
> somewhat batty from a distance. He later bought my
> two 3500S project 
> cars. I'm not sure, but I think he's sold all of the
> cars on, now, and 
> might have at least broken even on all of it. If I
> had actually seen 
> "Old Crummy Blue," I'm pretty sure it would have
> gotten the hooks in me 
> and ended up in my garage. If you ever run across
> George Phelps, he's 
> very good people.
> I was in NC for my son's college graduation and
> stopped by to see David. 
> Since David was considering buying another car that
> I had given him a 
> lead to, I suggested that he give me "that crummy
> old blue thing" as a 
> finder's fee. Unfortunately, David wasn't born
> yesterday, or even last week.
> ;-)
> Glen
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