[ROVERNET - UK] Land rover with a rover P4 110 engine- help me find parts

Kent Kinard kentkinard at verizon.net
Mon Jan 14 03:27:01 GMT 2008

Hi Linus,
The engine in your Land Rover 109 is, for all intents and purposes, 
identical to the P4 110. I almost bought a 109 like yours in El Paso a 
couple of years ago.  They were produced almost exclusively for the 
North American market.  But I guess you know that already.

There are relatively few P4 110's in North America, but the suffix b 
Westlake head is found on the 3 litre engines of many P5 Mk. II's.  The 
Mk.II engine differs from the 2.6 litre P4 110 engine only in stroke.  
Ruth Burgess at All British Cars in Vancouver, B.C., can probably obtain 
any parts you need and is quite familiar with this engine.  If you want 
to order something from the UK., J. R. Wadhams has an on-line catalogue 
and on-line ordering.  Parts for this engine are readily available, but 

What do you need for your head? I have an extra head, but I'll have to 
look to see if it's a suffix b or c.  I will be away from my computer 
until Friday and won't be able to respond until then. 

I also have the original Land Rover Parts Book Supplement that deals 
with this engine.  I don't need it and would be happy to part with it 
reasonably.  This and the contemporary P4 and P5 parts manuals will 
allow a part number by part number comparison.  If there is a particular 
interchange you would like to explore, I do have these manuals as well 
and would be happy to look something up for you.

Kent Kinard

Linus Tremaine wrote:
> hi,
> Does anyone on this list own a p4 110 and live in the bay area?
> I have a land rover with an IOE 6 cylinder. The rover part supplies have all but stopped carrying parts for this engine as it was only put into 811 trucks between 66 and 68.
> I suspect that its the same engine as the p4 110 with the suffix b westlake head on it. I am hoping to see one in person to compare my engine to. 
> I need parts for the westlake head and dont know where to get them
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