[ROVERNET - UK] P5 values again,

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 02:28:27 GMT 2008

--- Dirk Burrowes <dirk at vy-tek.com> wrote:

> So where I sit there is small history relating to
> selling price for P5s even
> in the USA that says some are under valuing the car.
> Incidentally P6s have sky rocketed in price in the
> US for good examples.
> I have not seen a good runner sell for less the
> $6000 over the last year 
Rats, so I could have gotten alot more than the $600 I
sold my pretty decent, running '66 TC? ;-)

 So the
> demand is there and it was
> not me who bought them.
> In fact I would say that you are almost guaranteed
> between 6k and 8k in the
> US for a P6 in good order. For a good example of a
> P5 3k to 5k 

Ahh, your giving me hope that my P5 will actually come
close to what I've put into it. :-)
> It is not that I am hoping that the cars I love cost
> more I just think that
> they are selling for more dollars then many realize.
> Maybe Kent and I are driving up the market prices
Please continue to drive the market up. We need it.

DL650 (totalled)
  Buell Ulysses
  Rover P5
  1983 GR650

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