[ROVERNET - UK] Getting IOE blocks properly machined

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 17:39:25 GMT 2008

> Land Rover owners faced with the necessity of reliable
> performance in the middle of nowhere have to take these issues much more
> seriously.  Cost of IOE rebuilds is very high and many LR owners in the
> US would rather swap to a domestic engine than do a rebuild.

I think that's right on the nail. My own view is that the IOE engines
are now very much an engine for the enthusiast and restorer rather
than aoneone trying to build working off road rig.

The old 2.25 four banger engine will keep on running under almost any
circumstances short of complete seizure and can often be temporarily
repaired with not much more bailer twine, number eight fencing wire
and a big hammer and is reasonably well known in most parts of the
world. I once changed the main bearings of a series IIa in the middle
of a field with the engine stil in the truck - it wasn't a pretty
repair but the engine ran and got us home

On the other hand the IOE six is a bit of a specialist beast and a
heavy one at that; while it will continue to run under all sorts of
adverse circumstances it doesn't have quite the same ability to keep
going when lubricated with a mix of animal fat and fine sand or the
same ease of repair by imperfectly skilled hands in less than ideal


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