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I had to change the tappet cover gasket for a little oil leak, and so did two friends of udine on their 2000 Tc.  
In one case, there was a strong oil leak.

The gasket you can order in a rover parts shop is made of cork, mine was hand made of "guarnital", a kind of plastic rubber.

Regards, Gianluca.

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The leak cannot be coming from there, that plate seals the water 
passages, not oil.

You either have the o-ring seal between the cylinder head and block 
leaking, or a badly leaking valve cover gasket. The latter is 
trivial, but the O-ring requires replacement by pulling the cylinder 
head. From the amount you describe, I suspect (hope) it is just the 
valve cover gasket that is at fault.


>My '68  TC has developed a strong oil leak that appears to originate
>from the "Rear cover plate" (528106) at the back of the cylinder 
>head. It's bad enough that I lose half a quart of oil every couple 
>weeks, and am getting lots of oil slicks on my driveway.  Is this a 
>familiar problem for anyone?  Is it a typical TC problem?  In any 
>case I'm looking for the "joint washer," i.e. gasket, (566850) that 
>goes under the plate, although I guess I can make one if I have to.
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