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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 21:27:22 BST 2008

I thought I would keep our subsribers up to date.  Most of you will remember me testing out a new Rovernet to succeed this "Rovernet-UK" when we move it permanently to another host server thus giving our generous hosts in the UK a chance to sell the domain. I did this before I went on holiday from May 29 through July 9.

A few days ago all the websites I manage went dead. I tried to contact the useless web host support person but no answer.  The Internet fault finder noted that the server had failed.  Either the company had gone out of business or the server had packed it in.

The test Rovernet (Rovernet-CANADA) resided on that, now dead, server.

I had previously made inquiries with a company I would now highly recommend, http://abnhosting.com/ 
The customer support person responded immediately and I began to rebuild the sites.

I have a new Rovernet test site established there. It looks the same but it is located on a new server and has none of the original records and files. Eventually, I would like to have all the member database files and HTML files located there. Following my server failure experience, I would like to have a back-up site there and the main site located elsewhere with a new host with whom I had discussions before I left town.

The Internet name server system is such that when a person selects a website to visit the Internet directs the person to a specific web host server.  If I have two sets of information on two different servers, I can just redirect the Internet if one server fails again.

Anyway,...... if you would like to join the newest test Rovernet, the new information page is shown below. You would enter your own email address, name, and password.  You would receive an automated confirmation email to ensure that you are not subscribed against your will.

If there is an exchange of Rovernet email, you will find that the header now says [Rovernet - INTERNATIONAL]. I think that best represents the Rovernet.  I hope you approve.


The test info page is:


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