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A top job as always Eric.

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> Hi,
> I thought I would keep our subsribers up to date.  Most of you will 
> remember me testing out a new Rovernet to succeed this "Rovernet-UK" when 
> we move it permanently to another host server thus giving our generous 
> hosts in the UK a chance to sell the domain. I did this before I went on 
> holiday from May 29 through July 9.
> A few days ago all the websites I manage went dead. I tried to contact the 
> useless web host support person but no answer.  The Internet fault finder 
> noted that the server had failed.  Either the company had gone out of 
> business or the server had packed it in.
> The test Rovernet (Rovernet-CANADA) resided on that, now dead, server.
> I had previously made inquiries with a company I would now highly 
> recommend, http://abnhosting.com/
> The customer support person responded immediately and I began to rebuild 
> the sites.
> I have a new Rovernet test site established there. It looks the same but 
> it is located on a new server and has none of the original records and 
> files. Eventually, I would like to have all the member database files and 
> HTML files located there. Following my server failure experience, I would 
> like to have a back-up site there and the main site located elsewhere with 
> a new host with whom I had discussions before I left town.
> The Internet name server system is such that when a person selects a 
> website to visit the Internet directs the person to a specific web host 
> server.  If I have two sets of information on two different servers, I can 
> just redirect the Internet if one server fails again.
> Anyway,...... if you would like to join the newest test Rovernet, the new 
> information page is shown below. You would enter your own email address, 
> name, and password.  You would receive an automated confirmation email to 
> ensure that you are not subscribed against your will.
> If there is an exchange of Rovernet email, you will find that the header 
> now says [Rovernet - INTERNATIONAL]. I think that best represents the 
> Rovernet.  I hope you approve.
> Eric
> The test info page is:
> http://rovernet.ca/mailman/listinfo/rovernet_rovernet.ca
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