[ROVERNET - UK] Carburettor replacement - Skinners Union RIP?

Kent Kinard kkinard at att.net
Thu Jul 3 13:43:52 BST 2008

Hi Adrian,
This is a simple process.  My P6B currently runs a stock Buick 215 
intake manifold and Edelbrock 500CFM four throat carb.  This carb runs a 
little rich on a 3.5 litre.  The best manifold for street use is the 
Edelbrock Performer #2198.  Usually a special order item from most parts 
houses or mail order from Jegg's.  I think D&D has the Buick/Olds 
intake.  Throttle linkage is by cable (Lokar).  Get the longest cable 
Lokar makes and run it DOWN from the firewall end of the pedal shaft, 
past the trans and then back up over the trans to the carb.  By running 
the cable down and then back up you get the right direction of travel.  
You avoid the stock linkage altogether, though you will need to retain 
the kickdown portion of the linkage for the trans to work properly.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kent K.

Adrian McDonald wrote:
> Hello all
> After getting a somewhat positive diagnosis by my local "wierd car" mechanic, I have decided to embark on a renovation project on my 3500S. One of the items that I would like to look at is replacing the SU carbs with a native US carburettor arrangement such as the one I had on my 289 Mustang before it got sold off to Spain....  Has anyone got any tips, or better still a replacement inlet manifold?  Later, after the black paint job I will be driving round LA like the police guy from the movie "Gattaca", minus Uma Thurman.....(P6 makes a rare US feature film appearance for those who don't know)......
> Thanks
> Adrian
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