[ROVERNET - UK] Well done Rovernet

JULIET KEILER lingfield51 at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 7 20:15:50 BST 2008

Just thought I would provide some feedback of the GOOD that Rovernet in particular and the internet in general can bring. For some time I have been trying to source a set of original Dunlop servo brackets for my P6 '64 restoration as I would like to get it as near to how it left the factory as possible. Given that they were only fitted until 1965 model year you will appreciate the task I had set myself. 
Eric kindly offered to check the RCC stocks but this would have to wait until winter passed in Canada and he couldn't be certain he'd find one. Then through Rovernet I found Johann Stamm who lives in Export PA. After a few emails back and forth and payment through paypal I have today received the brackets and a NOS Dunlop front disc.
I know he has two 2000SC cars he is parting out so anyone in NADA land (or indeed anywhere in the world)may want to contact him direct for any bits you're looking for on  johann at pghmail.com
So thanks to Eric for offering to look, to Johann for supplying and to Rovernet for being there,
Alan Francis (partviking)

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