[ROVERNET - UK] Strange noise??

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 21:00:08 BST 2008

I'd love to be there to help. However,.......... :-(

If your ignition switch has a spring inside which returns the electrical contactor from the start position (turns over the engine) to the run position could it be there?  Perhaps the switch has some electrical grease that kept the mechanism moving well from start to run.  The grease has degraded and is now gummy.  The electrical contact now doesn't quickly move from start to run but drags between the two contacts causing an electical arcing and buzzing sound.

Can you get your fingers on the ignition switch body to feel if it is warm?


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> Hi Folks
>          My 71 TC 2000 has developed a strange noise each
> time I turn off 
> the ignition. It began a few days ago and the noise only
> last a sec or two, 
> it seems to last a little longer after a long run 50 miles
> or so but if I 
> start and stop it in the garage I still get a quick noise.
> . Difficult to 
> describe a sound via email!!  I think its electrical and
> maybe inside the 
> car or could be under the hood. Almost sounds like a
> solenoid buzz or a bad 
> switch clicking on and off very fast perhaps the ignition
> switch. Its a fast 
> light buzz that only lasts a few sec's Anyone
> experience anything like this 
> or have any ideas where I should look???
>                          Regards Ben.
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