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Goggle on to John Twist or University Motors and try to locate his SU demo. If that doesn't bring it up, try going through some MGB searches. John is a well recognized guru on LBC's. SU's are really quite simple, just tune the mixture until you get a momentary increase in RPM followed by a drop off. If they drop off immediately, the mixture is too lean and if the keep increasing, too rich. Remember that whatever moves the jet down away from the needle is richer, as in pulling the choke. You do this with the linkage connecting the two carbs disconnected. After adjusting the mixtures, balance them and then reconnect the linkage. You test for the mixture by raising the carb piston with the small pin on the bottom of the chamber or using a very small screwdriver in the throat. It only requires a slight lift, 1/8 inch or so. If you do not have a balancer, it can be done with a small piece of rubber or plastic hose (vacuum line or fuel line type). You insert it only about 1/2 inch and li
sten to each. Adjust the idle speed until they sound the same and then reconnect the linkage.

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From: Adrian McDonald <adrian.mcdonald at live.com>
> Rover Folks
> I have decided to follow advice and go with the Edelbrock Performer manifold and 
> carb for my 3500S restyle (from crap heap to Gattaca clone). I see on the 
> internet this is quite a common option; I also see that the poor buggers in the 
> UK get customarily "rogered" over the price compared to the identical kit in the 
> US.
> Purists concerned about the deviancy of this modification are probably quite 
> right. But I can claim that my 2000TC twin carb will provide enough tinkering 
> time with the SUs to allow me to be deviant with the 3500S. Especially as I 
> still largely do not know what I am doing.
> Adrian
> Fed 2000TC
> Fed 3500S (currently crap heap)
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