[ROVERNET - UK] Magnum 500 vs Standard Wheels

Adrian McDonald adrian.mcdonald at live.com
Sun Jul 13 19:40:56 BST 2008


Thanks for advice on previous issue. Now, a new issue has cropped up. Are there any problems removing the hubs from the magnum 500 wheel and stickin' 'em on a standard wheel P6 so I can convert from plain steel wheels to the nice shiny magnum wheels I have got? (Don't ask - I temporarily own FOUR P6's at my townhome) My other P6 has great Magstar wheels that James Dean meticulously prepared for me. They look surprisingly good on the P6, although would suit a car with a sportier dark color a bit more than my April yellow, genteel 2000TC but the effect is excellent all the same.  PS to Mr Slats, I got the airflow balancer and have got some sort of order in the carburettor separtment but for the life of me I cannot work out the pro's "lift the throttle a bit and listen for the engine speed change" method. It will remain one of life's mysteries..............

2000TC (Perfect!)
3500S (Project)
2000TC (running spares)
2000TC (don't even ask)
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