[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Tank Cleaning.

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Tue Jul 15 12:11:05 BST 2008

Hello James,

I agree with others that a good local radiator shop should be able to 
clean and coat the inside of tank.  I had one done several years ago 
(not yet tested however) and they used a red material that apparently 
was common in the industry.

Alternatively, Dad and I have removed several tanks from 2000TC parts 
cars that may be useable as-is, though a coating to keep the rust 
particles at bay is not a bad idea with any 40-year-old tank including 
these.  They are stored in western Massachusetts, but we could get one 
at least as far as Syracuse by mid August, maybe sooner.


James Radcliffe wrote:
> Will I have got my 2000 TC running after putting new rings in it but I am having trouble getting fuel up to the Carbs, and there seem to be a number of issues involved. Firstly there is only one fuel line connected, the main line. I was going to swap this over to the reserve line which had been cut and blocked off, I removed the plug and no fuel came out, I tired blowing air into it, and that did not help. The Fuel line which does work has been cut and has soft rubber hose in it in places, and there are 2 fuel pumps currently on the car, the mechanical one, and an electric universal one. The Mechanical one has been rebuilt.
> I supect the tank has lots of rust in it. Can anyone please advise who to send it to to get it cleaned out and sealed, and in doing that is there any issues with shipping, ie will UPS of Fedex take it?
> Also would anyone out there have a good set of original fuel lines, or can they be made from hoses and fittings from the local parts store. I need the one from the fuel selector to the fuel pump, the one to the carb is good, and the two to the tank. Also would anyone have a good fuel sender unit. Mine may be repairable though. I am in upstate NY.
> Thanks,
> James Radcliffe. 
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