[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Tank Cleaning.

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 13 21:39:24 BST 2008

Here's a method recommended by someone on the Central Valley Classic Japanese Club (?)

"BEHR brand no. 991 Concrete Etcher and rust remover is
one very good candidate.
Don't waste your time and money on the special
motorcycle tank rust removers and coaters. Too
expensive, hassle, and causes future clogged fuel
filters/systems if not done "just so".

Instead, I use the BEHR product which is simply a
phosphoric acid based liquid, in your case with light
rust, a 50/50 mix with water is more than good.

The best part: It's $12.00 a gallon from Home Depot
and maybe other places, it's reuseable if you filter
it through a rag or coffee filter, etc, and it turns a
rusted tank to shiny metal in one day or less. You can
also use the product called "CLR" as it too is
phosphoric acid based but cost twice as much for the
same results.

CAUTIONS: It will eat at petcock rubber, and don't let
it get on your paint, that's it. Other than that, go
for it and enjoy a new looking inside of your tank.

TIPS: Fill your tank all the way toward the top and
let sit for 12-24 hours. No BBs, gravel, marbles
needed, period. Syphone out the liquid or let it drain
out of the hole where the petcock goes. You will have
to figure out the best way to accomplish this part."

Don't know if it works, but it may save the shake and bake bit.


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> Hi James
>            Adding to Roland's advice, if you are not
> near a rad shop that 
> does this job, you can do it yourself without too much
> trouble, I did my P5. 

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