[ROVERNET - UK] Fuel Tank Cleaning.

Ben Rodgers irishrover1 at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 13 20:36:59 BST 2008

Hi James
           Adding to Roland's advice, if you are not near a rad shop that 
does this job, you can do it yourself without too much trouble, I did my P5. 
Remove the tank and let it dry out well first then put in a couple of pounds 
of small nuts bolts screws etc (some use gravel) metal is easier to remove, 
you can shake out most of it and then use a magnet on a stick to check for 
strays. Once I filled my tank I went out every day for a week and for about 
fifteen minutes  shook the hell out of it
Once I was satisfied it was clean and empty I used a vacuum for the last 
traces of dust. From a local auto shop I purchased a gallon of Kreem it 
comes as a kit, cleaner, etcher and sealer. ( also found in motorcycle 
shops) Following manufactures instructions dump each application  in the 
tank making sure all the outlets are sealed, slosh all around thoroughly 
until you are sure the whole inside is clean and then coated. Let it dry and 
reinstalled tank with a new sender unit.
                                      Good Luck Ben (irishrover)

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