[ROVERNET - UK] Magnum 500 vs Standard Wheels

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 13 21:23:58 BST 2008

Adrian, Vern is right, they will rub on the inside with tires wider than 
165-14. I did enclose a set of 3500S bent rods when I sent you the wheels, 
but they need new bushings. I found that with some luggage in the boot, and 
2 people in the back seat, it would rub on the inside, if you hit a bump, 
with 175-14. It did not with 165-14. Magstars have a slightly different 
offset, and put the tire edge inboard,slightly. Thanks,James Dean
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> Hello
> Thanks for advice on previous issue. Now, a new issue has cropped up. Are 
> there any problems removing the hubs from the magnum 500 wheel and 
> stickin' 'em on a standard wheel P6 so I can convert from plain steel 
> wheels to the nice shiny magnum wheels I have got? (Don't ask - I 
> temporarily own FOUR P6's at my townhome) My other P6 has great Magstar 
> wheels that James Dean meticulously prepared for me. They look 
> surprisingly good on the P6, although would suit a car with a sportier 
> dark color a bit more than my April yellow, genteel 2000TC but the effect 
> is excellent all the same.  PS to Mr Slats, I got the airflow balancer and 
> have got some sort of order in the carburettor separtment but for the life 
> of me I cannot work out the pro's "lift the throttle a bit and listen for 
> the engine speed change" method. It will remain one of life's 
> mysteries..............
> Adrian
> 2000TC (Perfect!)
> 3500S (Project)
> 2000TC (running spares)
> 2000TC (don't even ask)
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