[ROVERNET - UK] Right car, wrong place

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 18:01:34 BST 2008

OK Roland, you're being what a fifth-grade teacher would call an "instigator..."  :-)

Ditto your comments - nice and very worthwhile car, but I already have so many projects awaiting my attention I just can't see my way to adding another.  I have more storage space available than most people, but even so my wife is complaining that we live in a junkyard.

I never cease to be amazed at how many P6's still seem to be "out there" here in the US.  For a car that sold in pretty insignificant numbers here, the survival rate seems really rather high, though most are like this one - all there, but off the road for years.   I can only assume that the great majority of them were bought new by enthusiasts, and have always been owned by enthusiasts, who couldn't bring themselves to scrap them even when a similar Caddy or Lincoln would have been sent off to the crusher without a second thought.


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That's a pretty nice car. I'm tempted if I were not already overwhelmed with projects. Looks like it needs radiator work as it appears the hose is missing as is the radiator iirc. It's only about 60 miles away from me too. Looks like a nice project for Geoff though. ;-)


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> Beautiful car.
> There is something to do, but...
> Best regards, Gianluca.
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> > Now, if this was just standing here in Denmark, asking
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> > :-)
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