[ROVERNET - UK] Wire Wheel question

Kent Kinard kkinard at att.net
Tue Jul 22 21:33:15 BST 2008

Hi Netters,
I have started the process of digging through Ron's stuff and have a 
question for the "old timers."  There are a substantial number of Zenith 
wire wheels and hubs (wheels are true knock on's but hubs bolt to 
standard hubs, making for an easy installation), including the set that 
is on the car.  They have three eared spinners with unique Viking long 
boat emblems.  All emblems on the thirteen or so wheels are identical 
and I have never seen another emblem like them.  Does anyone know the 
story behind these wheels?  I have posted a pic along with one of the 
car on the Yahoo site.

Kent K.

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