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> I've going to put the heads on and i'm installing heads from a 3.9 and not the original 3.5.............They look exactly the same, so i'm wondering if it matters which is which side, because i can't see any difference or are they interchangeable.................also the original heads had a small oil baffle plate on the rockers but the 3.9 did come with them when i got them...................should i use the original baffle on the rockers or do they not use them on the later heads and maybe i just didn't get them on these heads i bought

> Thanks
> Bill Robertson

Hello Bill-
  I've only redone one 3.5 motor (quite a while ago), so others will 
likely have better answers, but I do have one recollection I'll share. I 
seem to remember that while the heads might be interchangeable, side to 
side, the rockers are not. I believe it has to do with the oil feed into 
the rocker shaft. So, if I'm remembering things correctly, you might 
want to pay attention to that. Also, I think the shafts have a top and 
bottom, as far as the oil weep holes go. I seem to remember that the 
shafts can go side to side but they have to be flipped about (after 
being stripped) to lubricate properly. Maybe the 3.9 doesn't have that 
quirk, and also maybe I'm wrong. Other than that, I'll wish you luck 
over there!

jim in Vermont, with a couple of P5's and a well beaten '61 Landie

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