[ROVERNET - UK] Wanted a P6 master cylinder

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Mar 8 19:51:26 GMT 2008

phing wrote:
> Hi
> I finally removed my P6 master cylinder today . The bottom fixing lug 
> had been broken of and " repaired " with epoxy . The  fixing bolt had 
> become coated with epoxy hich formed a super Locktite seal. Bodgers 
> Bros International Inc , who had their oily paws all over my P3 have 
> obviously graduated to P6s
> Does any one have a spare P6 3500S twin brake master cylinder  body 
> ,in good shape , or anything up to a fully rebuilt unit with an air 
> valve, sitting on the shelf in their garage ??
> Cheers
> Patrick


I don't have one in my garage, but I can supply one for $398 plus $145 
for shipping. If you're still in Canada, shipping will be slightly higher.

(humor mode engaged)


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